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Prices and services

You can use vt-designer with its full range of features for graphically creating your Object Pool without having to actually buy the software.
Instead, you lease a floating license of our software at an annual fee of 1,680 euros excl. VAT, entitling you to our full range of services – i.e. all updates and full support – at no extra cost.

The following additional support services are available to you:

  • Our hotline is available for any technical queries via telephone or e-mail during business hours.
  • Patches for the current software version will be made available to all users.

We are also able to assist you within the scope of a chargeable vt-designer training with any further issues regarding your engineering process to ensure you succeed in creating your Object Pool.

The following additional update services will be available to you:

  • Our software will be modified in compliance with any changes to the ISO 11783 standard.
  • All updates and new versions will be made available during the contract period at no extra charges.