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The ISOAgLib Open Source programming library enables you to develop ISO 11783-compliant VT Clients quickly and conveniently. Already implemented in ISOAgLib are all the functions defined in the ISO 11783 standard, as well as all the interfaces needed to integrate machine-specific functions. The layered architecture means that functions are abstracted from the hardware, so hardware changes do not involve major adjustments to the software environment. Already used in numerous ISOBUS projects, the latest version of ISOAgLib guarantees the rapid implementation of changes and extensions involving the 11783 standard.

Besides vt-designer, OSB AG offers a range of additional development tools for the ISOAgLib arena. With VT2ISO (free), you can translate VTP projects and other XML-based object pool descriptions into binary files for use in the target hardware. With LOGalyzer (free) you can analyze VT Client communications, while our with vt-simulator you don't need real hardware VTs anymore and can simply simulate a VT on your PC. Also vt-core and tc-core software components are available that will enable your terminal to provide VT-Server and TC-Server functionality!